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Swim Team

Benefits Of Swimming...

Swimming can be a valuable learning environment for life. With its wins and losses and ups and downs and ups again - it can show kids how to stick with something. The emphasis of sports should be on the inner rewards of competition, such as learning how to make decisions, leadership training, meeting challenges and working with others. Competitive swimming can teach athletes to be strategic, to plan ahead, to relax under stress, to concentrate and stay focused. Training for and competing in sports requires a commitment. From this commitment of time and effort, a young person learns how to set goals, take responsibility and prepare for the challenges of life. They have the opportunity to learn how to accept failure and be a gracious winner while enjoying the thrill of success.

New Swimmer...

  • Learn how to improve your ability to focus.
  • With regular training you can dramatically increase lung capacity, cardiovascular health, co-ordination and all round fitness levels.
  • Swimmers learn to develop self-discipline, good time management and goal setting skills.
  • Many swimmers discover their academic grades and ability to study improves significantly.
  • It's more important to DO your best, than to be the best.
  • Anyone, regardless of age, aptitude or current ability can learn to swim better.
  • Along the way build self-confidence and learn valuable life skills.
  • Encourage teamwork, leadership and good sportsmanship.
  • Swimming not only builds character, but helps reveal strength of character.

New Parent...

  • Swimming, especially at the youngest levels, should be fun, educational, aerobic and relatively pressure free.
  • Remember that your child is the swimmer. Children need to establish their own goals, and make their own progress towards them. Assist and guide them in setting goals, however, be careful not to impose your own standards and goals.
  • Not just a summer sport, participants can enjoy year round health and fitness
  • The most important part of your child's swimming experience is that they learn about themselves while enjoying the sport and develop a positive self-image
  • Swimming provides one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness, in a safe environment that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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